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Vermont Hemp Resolution passed by House

Posted on May 30, 2000

On Thursday, May 11, 2000 the Vermont House joined the Senate in the passage of JRS098: Urging US DEA and US Congress to reconsider Federal policies that restrict the cultivation and marketing of industrial hemp and related products.

The trouble with hemp

Posted on October 1, 1996

Farmers want to grow it, and manufacturers want to use it. But it’s got an obnoxious relative that states are afraid of. Agriculture has never been easy in the rocky soil of Vermont, and these days, it is harder and less profitable than ever. With the dairy industry mired in a 20-year decline, the state’s farmers can scarcely be blamed if they cast about for any creative means of staying in business.

The waving fields of hemp

Posted on February 17, 1996

While Republican presidential contenders have been wooing New Hampshire voters with proofs of their true-blue conservatism, some Republicans in next-door Vermont have been pushing an idea too radical even for liberal Democrats: legalising marijuana. But, like President Clinton in his youth, these particular hemp enthusiasts do not intend to inhale.