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Movie Review: Hemp and the Rule of Law

Posted on April 22, 2005

Filmmaker Kevin Balling explores the movement to legalize hemp, and the reluctance of some politicians to do so on the grounds that it might be the first step toward legalizing marijuana.

Avenue Cable to Air Documentary About Hemp

Posted on April 14, 2000

Avenue Cable is scheduled to air “Emperor of Hemp,” the story of one man’s 30-year struggle for truth, justice and a plant, at 8 p.m. today. Available only on video, “Emperor of Hemp” is available at Tower Records. Avenue Cable is expected to air it again on Thursday.

HempNut, Inc founder Richard Rose guest appearance on the Roseanne Show

Posted on July 23, 1999

HempNut founder Richard Rose and Roseanne Barr make a potato salad, and talk about all aspects of hemp. Both are dressed all in hemp clothes.

Video Review: The Hemp Revolution

Posted on March 1, 1998

George Washington grew it. Thomas Jefferson urged others to grow it. So how did hemp earn its rep as Public Enemy Number One? Australian director Anthony Clarke traces the much-maligned plant’s history from its revered status in ancient Sumeria to its modern-day vilification.

Turning over an old leaf

Posted on September 1, 1997

One of the world’s largest agricultural crops until the late 1800s, hemp is not only the plant from which marijuana is derived, it is also thought to be the first cultivated plant. Indeed, hemp fiber, harvested from the Cannibis sativa plant, is famous for its versatility, and is found in everything from the first American flag, to paper, oil and rope.

Hemp, hemp, hooray!

Posted on March 1, 1996

The Hemp Revolution features interviews with scientists, doctors, environmentalists, forestry officials, and business people in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Nepal, all promoting the legalization of hemp. They explain the plant’s history and its thousands of uses world-wide as a food, fiber, fabric, fuel, paper, and medicine, in addition to a psychoactive drug.

The Hemp Revolution hits the big screen

Posted on January 1, 1996

Emerald fields of cannabis plants — and smoking petrochemical plants. A bearded Californian lifting trays of hemp paper — and an Australian eucalyptus forest decimated for wood pulp. An elderly Nepalese grinning as he exhales a plume of black-hash smoke — and armed narcs kicking in doors while Drug Warriors from Harry Anslinger to George Bush proclaim imminent victory.

Hemp for Victory

Posted on January 1, 1942

Transcript of the original 1942 United States Department of Agriculture Film, Hemp for Victory extolling some of the many uses of this ancient plant and premier world resource.