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Former hippie finds business success

Posted on December 17, 2000

For years, Sue Kastensen traveled from town to town in an orange Volkswagen bus, selling homemade lip balm in parking-lot bazaars outside Grateful Dead concerts.

Day-long industrial hemp forum coming to town

Posted on July 6, 2000

Growing fields of industrial hemp as freely as corn or soybeans is a controversial idea that just won’t go away, said Winnebago County Board Supervisor Nancy Barker. Instead of keeping tight-lipped and in the dark, the grandmother, Menasha city councilor and agriculturally-minded county supervisor reasons, “Why not talk about it?”

Conference Agenda Reflects Debate Over Hemp

Posted on July 6, 2000

Growing hemp could mean new prosperity for dairy farmers who dumped milk in a Fourth of July protest against low market prices that no longer cover the cost of their traditional operations, a county official says.

Harvesting Hemp

Posted on May 30, 2000

Editorial: “But Wisconsin has always allowed farmers to grow hemp. In the 1930s, the legislature imposed a $100 permit, which was last issued in 1958. Unlike Canada and U.S. states with more recent laws, Wisconsin law distinguishes hemp from marijuana by use, rather than by genetic variety.”

Market Analysis for Hemp Fiber as a Feed Stock for Papermaking

Posted on January 1, 1997

In an attempt to develop alternative crops for midwestern farmers, industrial hemp is being evaluated as a fiber source for the paper industry. This simplified analysis shows that hemp could profitably be used as a fiber source for the paper industry and that Wisconsin farmers could meet the demand for fiber by the fine paper manufacturers of Wisconsin. In contrast to the past utilization of hemp, it is essential that the whole plant be used to make paper and not just the long bast fibers.