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Woody’s Case Up in Smoke

Posted on March 23, 2000

Neo-hippie activist Woody Harrelson’s latest hemp cause has apparently gone up in smoke. The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled today that the former Cheers barkeep and cultivation-friendly film star must stand trial for marijuana possession, following his well-publicized arrest for planting four hemp seeds in 1996.

Woody Harrelson

Posted on May 1, 1997

Actor Woody Harrelson isn’t one to tread lightly when it comes to environmental issues. His concern about deforestation has led him to promote industrial hemp as an alternative fiber source for paper and building materials. With the planting of four French industrial hemp seeds in a Kentucky field, he is challenging the constitutionality of a Kentucky law that fails to distinguish between industrial hemp and marijuana.


Posted on January 1, 1997

Confirmation that modern-day American revolutions take place at the checkout counter came in October, with the opening of the Austin Hemp Company — the fifth Texas business devoted solely to selling products made from hemp, the plant that in its smokable form is also known as marijuana.

Crusader Woody

Posted on November 25, 1996

Woody Harrelson takes on an archbishop and those who would deny the world hemp. Once America’s most lovable dimwit on Cheers, Woody Harrelson has of late become a rebel without a pause. The actor, who stars as Hustler magazine’s sultan of sleaze in the forthcoming movie The People vs. Larry Flynt, withheld $10,000 of his taxes this year to protest the government’s logging policy.