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Polo, Illinois hemp mill

Posted on January 1, 1976

For two years (1943-1944), Polo was thrust the limelight because during those World War II years, hemp (marijuana) was raised in the area, and a mill for preparing the hemp into rope or cordage was built.

Hemp An Illinois War Crop

Posted on January 1, 1943

More hemp must be grown in the United States in 1943 to fill an urgent war need. The war in the Pacific has cut off nearly all the supply of strong fibers previously imported from that area; but hemp, an annual plant adapted to the corn belt, produces good yields of a highly desirable fiber.

Hemp A War Crop for Iowa

Posted on January 1, 1942

The production of war crops is as essential a contribution to the national war effort as the production of planes and tanks. Much has been asked of the Iowa farmer, and he has responded willingly to the call.

Pinch Hitters for Defense

Posted on December 1, 1941

Over in England it’s saccharine for sugar; on the continent it’s charcoal “gasogenes” in the rumble seat instead of gasoline in the tank. Here in America there’s plenty of sugar, plenty of gasoline. Yet there’s an industrial revolution in progress just the same, a revolution in materials that will affect every home.