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Hemp Shield Wood Stain

Hemp Oil Wood Stain

As industrial oil, hemp oil has a number of useful applications including that of a natural wood stain. At its most basic, unrefined hemp oil acts as a simple drying oil. It penetrates, hardens and preserves wood, and provides a long-lasting finish. And like any other stain, it can be used craftily to darken wood color, to accent the grain, to match different pieces of wood and to help accent details. One of the most important natural features of hemp oil as a wood stain is that it is low-to-no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

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Hemp Foods

How To Use Hemp Foods

Hemp foods are made from hemp seeds and are incredibly nutritious. They offer a wide variety of important health attributes. They boosts the immune system, provides fiber to care for the digestive tract, are a great source of protein, and contain healthy omega-3 fats. Regular intake of hemp foods can help to improve overall health and may even stave off some diseases.

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