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It takes a lot to get from “dirt to shirt” or from “soil to oil” and your success is dependent upon it. Global Hemp’s approach comes from having experience throughout the industry. The supply chain has multiple considerations that need to be addressed that impact farmers, processors, and end users.
Hemp has three major vertical markets: fiber, grain, and botanicals. Each have different practices and markets. We will help you understand each, and which is the best fit.
There are multiple considerations — such as cultivation, harvesting, forward contracts, and processing — that must be addressed prior to starting. Otherwise, your chances at success are greatly reduced.


Fiber and grain are more like row crops you are likely familiar with. Botanicals are significantly different and are further broken down to extraction or craft flower.



Multiple factors come into play for each fiber, grain, and botanicals. We will assist you on how to prevent losses and spoilage by ensuring you have the proper setup.

Selling Your Crop

Selling Your Crop

A successful crop is for nothing if you don't have a contract in place to sell to. We will assist you in having a signed contract prior to planting.



We start by assessing the market that processed materials will be sold to. Each segment has specific requirments — and this holds true for each vertical.

What Makes Us Different?

Global Hemp has been promoting hemp since 1996. Hemp is often said to have over 25,000 uses — and while this may hold true — there are very unique products where hemp stands out.

For each market there are both opportunities and challenges. Having been involved in the entire supply chain — from farming, harvesting, and processing to manufacturing, and retail — we are best able to assist you.


The challenge for hemp does not end with legalization. Markets require consistency throughout the supply chain. We employ a “bookends” approach to increase your chance of achieving success.

Eric Pollitt

Founder & President

Our Process

Our objective is to provide you with a customized solution for your particular needs. In order to maximize your operations productivity, we will provide you with the best practices to minimize risk, which in-turn aims to provide you with the best possible rate of return.

Identify Your Specific Opportunity

Each vertical has specific requirements that require careful consideration — prior to getting started.

Provide Resources To Meet Goals

From licensing, equipment, best practices, and forward contracts — we are with you each step of the way.

Our Process

Let’s Get Started


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