Industry Opportunities

Hemp has gained a lot of attention — especially after it has been legalized in the United States. Each vertical market has numerous opportunities.

Industry Challenges


Farmers are eager to plant, but processors are not established.


The leading “pain point” expressed by end users is lack of consistency.

Facility Design

There has been lackluster performance using existing methods and equipment.

Energy Intensive

Cultivation for fiber is mostly eco-friendly. However, existing processing methods are energy intensive.


Processing fiber has a relatively large capital expenditure when compared to oilseed and botanical markets.


Passage of the 2018 US Farm Bill was monumental. Yet, issues with banking still need to be resolved.

Consulting Services


How you grow is highly dependant on the segment for which you are marketing to. Fiber, grain, botanical extraction, and craft flower each have entirely different practices.


What you will grow and therefore harvest has more to do with your operations than which markets you are interested in pursuing. We're here to help you succeed.


As with any new crop there will be plenty of speculators, and processors who have growing pains. We will assist you in not only having a contract in place, but a contingency plan.


We will assist you in making informed decisions for equipment and business models based on the end market and level of vertical integration you want to achieve.

Our Process