Hemp Times Magazine Covers

Hemp Times magazine ran from its premier in July/August 1996 through the end of 1999. Each issue featured a celebrity that supports industrial hemp, and included product reviews, and articles about hemp. The premier issue featured perhaps the largest supporter of hemp at the time — Woody Harrelson — who was arrested for planting viable hemp seed in Kentucky in early 1996.

Publication Date Celebrity
Jul/Aug 1996 Woody Harrelson
Oct/Nov 1996 Dennis Hopper
Jan/Feb 1997 Michelle Phillips
Apr/May 1997 Merle Haggard
Jul/Aug 1997 ‎Ben & Jerry
Oct/Nov 1997 Peter Fonda
Dec/Jan 1998 Sharon & Cedella Marley
Feb/Mar 1998 Graham Nash
Apr/May 1998 Richard Belzer
Jun/Jul 1998 Anita Roddick
Summer 1998 Roger Daltrey
Fall 1998 Andrew Weil
Spring 1999 Jesse Ventura
Summer 1999 Phish
Fall 1999 Woody Harrelson
Winter 1999 Dar Williams

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