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There are plenty of reasons to use sunless tanning products: keeping your skin safe from worries of skin cancer, sunlight sensitivity, the need to quickly have a gorgeous tan for an event or getting a base tan in place before you go somewhere sunny. No matter your reason for deciding on a faux glow, you can trust Hempz Sunless Tanning products to get that gorgeous sun-kissed glow instantly, with a minimum of fuss and drama.

Sun Sensitivity

Poor redheads. They have all that gorgeous, vibrant red hair and often have lustrous, light skin and freckles to go along with it — but unfortunately they have received the short end of the stick when it comes to sun exposure. The more redheads are outside, the more likely they are to burn; and much more likely than those with slightly darker skin and hair. The mutation of the MC1R gene that leads to red hair and light skin is to blame for the enhanced risk as well as the higher potential for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, which redheads also suffer from. Extensive exposure to the sun can activate the mutation which elevates the overall risk of melanoma. Oddly enough, some redheads don’t even need sun exposure in order to increase their melanoma risk — it can come straight through their clothing because of their abundance of pheomalanin, which provides less protection than the eumelanin which provides protection for those with darker skin and hair.

Sunless Tanning Products Are Safer

You have to be living under a rock to not have heard that tanning beds and excess sunbathing can cause serious cases of skin cancer. Even if you enjoy the time spent like a lizard in the sun, you may be putting yourself in danger with every minute you spend outside without some form of sunscreen supporting your skin’s natural sun inhibiting properties. Ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight are known to cause both basal cell and squamous cell cancers — the most common forms of skin cancer. While melanoma is also related to sun exposure, this more dangerous and less common type of skin cancer is not as strongly related as the other two. Artificial sources of UV rays have been linked just as strongly as the natural sun, meaning you are still at risk if you indulge in indoor tanning beds as you are if you’re out in the sun for extended periods of time without appropriate protection.

There’s Just No Sun!

Even if you are not a redhead, nor are you concerned with skin cancer from outdoor tanning, you may be in a part of the country where tanning is just not available. Winter in the north part of the United States just doesn’t offer much in the way of outdoor tanning, and even winter in Florida is iffy at best for catching some rays. Keep those beautiful year-round glows going with Hempz Sunless Tanning products, which are much safer than the sun and can give you a glorious bronze all year without the potential for wrinkles and sun damage to your delicate skin.

Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush, or spray, tanning is a method where a fine mist of bronzer is sprayed over your body, turning it a lovely shade of tan and lasting for anywhere from 3-7 days before it gradually fades away. Although it doesn’t provide any protection from the sun’s rays, spray tanning is generally considered to be completely safe. You can get excellent results from spray tanning, which can be sprayed from a number of different devices like a paint gun similar to what painters use on your house or in a specialized booth at a tanning facility. Hempz Sunless Airbrush Bronzing Spray offer you a gorgeous tan without the problems associated with tanning beds or the wrinkles that you will introduce into your skin from laying outside in the sun.

Why Get a Tan?

Let’s face it, tans are hot. Not only are they slimming, but they provide a healthy glow to the skin that the pasty white winter look just can’t provide. Whether you are a light-skinned redhead who just cannot tan or someone who needs to look amazing for a runway fashion show — Hempz Sunless Tanning products are the way to go. Lots of people want to look their best for events such as weddings, modeling, when they are getting glamour shots and even for specific sports competitions where you will be showing a lot of skin. And don’t think that tanning is just for women — men are every bit as engaged with looking amazing, especially bodybuilders and male models who will be baring a lot of skin in public.

If you are heading out for a sunny vacation soon, you may want to grab some Hempz Sunless Tanning products to get a base tan in place so you’re not stepping off the plane with legs that could glow in the dark. Using an SPF lotion plus self tanner can help you from getting burned the first few times you go out into the sun for the year, too.

Application Tips

Applying Hempz Sunless tanning products may seem a little scary at first, but with just a few simple tips we know you’ll get it right in no time! Start with clean skin that you have fully exfoliated with a scrubber. This helps get rid of all the dry, dead skin before you start your sunless tanning application — dry skin which could quickly flake off and cause you to have an uneven tan.

  1. Start with your feet and head upwards when you’re applying sunless tanner, so you don’t end up with creases and wrinkles from bending down to reach your tootsies.
  2. Get a speed dry jump-start on your tan by running a blow dryer on low heat across your skin. If you have spots that are still taking a long time to dry, dust on some baby powder to soak up any extra product and keep your tan looking natural.
  3. There are small details to pay attention to in order to make sure your tan looks as natural as possible — keep the excess tanner away from your hairline and then carefully blend moisturizer there and also on your hands.
  4. Stay hydrated! Keep your skin moist and your tan intact by adding a high SPF lotion and avoiding products which contain oil as they will break down your tan more quickly than you want them to.


Now that you know all about sunless tanning, what’s next? Why, check out all the great new Hempz Sunless Tanning products, of course! See our three great new products below and get ready for that head-turning (and safe!) tan.

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