Hempz After Sun Cooling Spray & Body Hydrator

Hempz After Sun Cooling Spray and Body Hydrator

It’s great to get out in the sun, but after a day spent at the beach your skin is left dry and flaky. Whether you have sunburn or simply have dry skin, your body is in need of moisture. The body is made up mostly of water and can get dehydrated quickly, especially when exposed to heat and sun. The best time to replace this lost moisture is immediately after you have been in the sun. In fact, if you like you can even apply body hydrator while you’re still outdoors.

Take action quickly after sun exposure

Sun exposure can make your skin dry and over time it can create wrinkles and rough patches. Your skin is thirsty after being outdoors and needs tender loving care when it’s sunburned. Apply a hydrating product such as Hempz After Sun Cooling Spray and Body Hydrator. It will quickly give your skin the hydration is needs and at the same time relieves any minor pain that can be caused by sunburn. Hempz Cooling Spray is enriched with hemp seed oil and extract that helps to dramatically rehydrate and nourish the skin. Moisturizing helps keep the skin soft and reduces wrinkles, one of the effects of the sun.

Use a Soothing Product

Hempz Body Hydrator contains ingredients that sooth the skin, helping to calm it after excessive sun exposure. Aloe Vera helps to cool the skin and de-stresses it. Tea Tree Oil has mild anesthetic properties that soothe irritated skin. Peppermint oil cools and gently soothes minor pain such as that caused by sunburn. The skin recovery system helps to stimulate the body’s own natural response to UV contact. Hemp oil provides moisture and does not contain any THC. Together, these natural ingredients offer a safe and effective way to cool and heal the skin.

I would like to add my mother’s testimony using this product. She burned herself mildly when pulling a sheet of cookies from the oven. Since she had a bottle of Hempz After Sun Cooling Spray on her bathroom counter, she figured that perhaps it would help. She applied it to her burned wrist and fingers, and it soothed the burning pain significantly. So, it can also be used for mild burns in addition to relief from sunburn.

Where to buy

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