Moisturize with Hempz Hydrating Bath & Body Oil

Hempz Hydrating Bath and Body Oil

Millions of people suffer from dry skin. While the winter months are the harshest on skin, any time of year can dry skin. Doctors recommend keeping the skin properly hydrated to avoid the problem of dry skin. Properly hydrating your skin will keep it soft and supple and will also keep wrinkles at bay. Moisturizing can be accomplished with products such as body oils, soufflés and lotions. They should be applied frequently to assure that the skin never dries out. It’s best to apply lotion immediately after bathing to get the most out of it. You can never use too much moisture on your skin. If your skin feels dry to the touch or is rough or scaly, you should reapply lotion or oil. Bath and body oil is for use primarily on the body rather than the face.

Ways to Use Hempz Hydrating Bath and Body Oil

There are several uses for Hempz Hydrating Bath & Body Oil. Originally, bath oils were used primarily in the tub. Adding bath oil to the tub makes for a luxurious soak. Not only will the oil soak your skin with lavish moisture, but it also helps you relax and unwind. Oil soaks into the skin, giving it a very soft feel. When you use bath oil it has time to hydrate more effectively and gives the skin a protective coating that seals in moisture.

Body oil can also be applied directly onto the skin. A small amount goes a long way so there is no need to use much. Rub the oil into the skin, massaging it gently until it disappears and soaks in completely. Body oil also makes an effective massage lubricant. Hempz Bath and Body Oil is gentle and non-greasy, yet it gives the skin a smooth, soft feel. It helps to keep the skin protected for a long period of time.

Where to buy

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