Top 10 Uses for Hemp Cord

Hemp twine and hemp cord are often used in craft projects and in gardening. Hemp has been used for millennia and is known for its strength and durability. Unlike cotton which has short fibers, hemp has long fibers, making it very sturdy. Hemp cord is available in a number of different colors and sizes. Durable and strong, hemp cord is also quite affordable. Here are the top 10 uses for hemp cord — and in no particular order.

Hemp Jewelry

Top 10 Uses for Hemp Cord

Stylish and natural, hemp jewelry is made with hemp cord. Add some beads or charms to create a trendy look. Hemp jewelry has been very popular lately and is easy to make. Hemp jewelry is a favorite among teens and is a good project for groups and parties.

Paper Crafting

Hemp used in greeting cards and other paper crafts make natural and eco-friendly statements. Hemp cord is a good addition to all types of paper projects and adds some interest to any card. In recent years, stripped Baker’s Twine has been very popular.

Luggage Hang Tag

Hang Tags

Hemp hang tags are a great addition to any craft project. Whether making a homemade item to give away or creating items to sell, tags offer a natural way to provide information for consumers.


Hemp cord is a favorite for use in the garden. Natural yet strong, hemp cord securely holds plants in place and is durable enough to hold up to any weather conditions. Twine can also be used to lash trellises together.

Fastachi Gift Tray with Hemp Cord


Hemp twine and cord make a great finishing touch to your packages. Wrap them in any paper of your choice then add a simple hemp tie for a professional yet natural finish. Add some other natural touches such as pinecones, to complete the package.

Butcher’s Twine

Hemp twine is a favorite among chefs because it is a strong yet natural way to hold food together as it cooks. Keep a roll of butcher’s twine in your cabinet for whenever you need it. It’s also perfect for tying boxes of baked goods or nuts.

Macrame Hemp Belt


Macramé is made by tying knots to create beautiful and useful items such as plant hangers. Hemp cord makes a great look for macramé and it’s easy to use because it holds knots securely.


Hemp cord is often used in scrapbooking. Add some hemp cord as adornments to the pages or use it to secure pages together to form a book. Use homemade paper together with hemp cord to make your own photo album or journal.


Add hemp cord to any craft project to give it a natural look. For example, tie a bow of twine around a filled mason jar to make it look rustic. Twine can also be made into hair bows.

String Art

Hemp cord can be used for making Spirelli string art. String art can utilize pegs place in a design on a board. Then, twine is strung tightly around the pegs to form artwork. Colored twine can create unique and interesting pieces.

Where to buy

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